This training module aims to raise awareness on the importance and benefits of the strategic and systematic approach to building a welcoming environment and offering high-quality standardized support services to incoming PhD students and academics. The module helps to assign specific activities to the biggest idea and get a broader perspective.

The objectives of the learning module are: 1) to understand support services as a process which includes five stages: pre-arrival services, on-arrival services, during the stay services, pre-departure services, post-departure services; 2) to prepare checklists for own institution; 3) to learn how to design and improve the process.

The module aims to develop knowledge of strategic approaches and solutions to building an institution’s attractiveness to a global audience including for the purpose of global talent recruitment (researchers, lecturers, PhD students).

This online course is designed to enable learners to design a clear vision of data collection processes in the Welcome center and to achieve awareness on the directions to digitalize the operations of the Welcome center.

Module aims at demonstrating the importance of networking and collaborating with various partners, extending the learner capacity to identify suitable local partners, extending the learners’ skills to plan networking activities with local partners and clarifying how local partnerships affects international academic mobility and to demonstrate best practices.

The learning objectives of the module are: to distinguish between universal & specific features of human communication, to understand the core values in intercultural communication, to take into consideration the impact of cognitive bias and to enhance the ability to enjoy working in a multicultural setting.

UniWeliS Explorer is a web gateway to repository of best practices for supporting international researchers, PhD students and university teachers in academic organizations and for facilitating work of administrative and managerial staff who are involved in assisting them. Learn how to search and browse through the practices and create the services improvement path for your organisation.